Now it is possible to not only
visualize your sample, but also
to identify which chemicals are
present at spots of interest.



Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry & health
Art and restoration
Fine-chemistry (Thin film coatings)
Semi-conductor industry

Forensic sciences
Carbon nanomaterials

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Latest News:

Hybriscan Raman installed in Indian scientific laboratory 

At the facilities of the Physical Research Laboratory in Ahmedabad, India, Hybriscan Technologies March 23rd has installed a Hybriscan Raman (HSCMM) integrated with a JSM IT-300 LV.  "This device provides PRL with the most sophisticated 3D technology and we are very happen to cooperate with this laboratory", states Loretta van Kollenburg, CEO HybriScan Technologies.
As a unit of Department of Space, Government of India, PRL carries out fundamental research in selected areas of Physics, Space & Atmospheric Sciences, Astronomy, Astrophysics & Solar Physics, and Planetary & Geo-Sciences.


Welcome to HybriScan Technologies

HybriScan Technologies offers the HybriScan Molecular Microscope "HSCMM" consisting of a reflective optical microscope and a state-of-the-art Raman microspectrometer together with an electron microscope. More about the HSCMM

This novel hybrid technology offers nanoscale spatial resolution, information on morphology of materials and exploits the Raman effect of materials to investigate their chemical and physical properties. The Raman effect is a non-contact, nondestructive spectroscopic method that enables the use of light to identify and characterize materials.

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