Now it is possible to not only
visualize your sample, but also
to identify which chemicals are
present at spots of interest.



Food industry
Pharmaceutical industry & health
Art and restoration
Fine-chemistry (Thin film coatings)
Semi-conductor industry

Forensic sciences
Carbon nanomaterials

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About Us

HybriScan Technologies is leader in combining the Raman Spectroscopy with Electron Microscopy. HybriScan Technologies is founded in the Netherlands in 2009. People at HybriScan are driven by innovation and have the ambition to continuously exceed our customers’ expectations. Working at the highest technical level in design, development and implementation, we deliver hybride microscopes and offer contract research to our customers world-wide. 

Management and co-founders:

Loretta van Kollenburg, MSc (since april 2019 only co-founder)

Dr. Cees Otto (co-founder and manager)