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HybriScan enters USA market

HybriScan Technologies is spreading its wings and has entered the USA market. In Santa Clara, California, HybriScan Technologies has signed a distribution contract with Nanounity, a well-known distributor of microscopy products and solutions. “Nanounity knows the microscopy and spectroscopy USA market very well and their marketing and business strategy to conquer the USA market for HybriScan matches our company’s demands”, says HybriScan Technologies CEO Loretta van Kollenburg.

On February 23rd the contract was signed by Van Kollenburg and Nanounity CEO Brad Rangell. Van Kollenburg: “HybriScan was looking for a partner in USA who can match its marketing strategy for entering the USA market. The people at Nanounity have an extended knowledge in the field of spectroscopy and electron microscopy. Because of our dual product strategy – tailor made Hybriscan Microscopes (HSCMM) and Contract Research – we see Nanounity as the right partner to sell our products in the USA.”

Direct fit

Nanounity is a well known distributor of surface science analytical solutions. The core technologies Nanounity addresses are microscopy, metrology and spectroscopy. Raman spectroscopy and imaging are a new addition to and complementary with all the activities of Nanounity.
One of the key areas for Nanounity is scanning electron microscopy (SEM).  Brad Rangell: “HybriScan's product is a direct fit with our SEM business and has synergy with many other aspects of  our produced offerings.” HybriScan's product the SEM activity of Nanounity and will have a positive influence with other aspects of Nanounity’s product offerings.

Wide range of applications

HybriScan Technologies CTO Cees Otto:”HybriScan’s unique technology is based on a most sensitive Raman spectrometer that is from its invention completely designed as an add-on onto the vacuum chamber of a SEM at no additional expense in footprint or infrastructure. The addition of the Raman spectrometer does not interfere with any of the functionalities of a SEM, making HybriScans microscope a unique asset to modern laboratories aiming at micron-to-nano scale research in material- and life sciences.

The HybriScan Molecular Microscope HSCMM integrates Raman spectroscopy with other microscopy techniques like for example SEM and provides a more encompassing understanding of a given sample. This allows researchers to make a more knowledge based conclusion of their results”. Both HybriScan and Nanounity are aware that correlative microscopy has become an important item in meny fields of science, engineering and technology (i.e. biotechnology, helath, pharmaceutical, food, plastics and energy).