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AMC and HybriScan working on characterisation of microvesicles

HybriScan Technologies is working together with the Academic Medical Centre (AMC) in Amsterdam on a programme titled ‘Microvesicles detection and characterisation’.

Detection of small particles in water, smaller than the optical resolution, is a challenging problem, while their presence can have substantial implications. For example, detection of bacteria is important for the assurance of water safety, while the detection of cell derived vesicles is important for the diagnosis of various diseases.

The AMC/HybriScan project will develop an integrated optics and microfluidics platform that can determine the concentration and origin of infrequent vesicles or bacteria in liquid. The rol of Hybriscan bv will be correlating size with chemical composition of microvesicles.

The research project is part of the Memphis II Programme of Technology Foundation STW. Memphis stands for Merging Electronics and Micro & nano Photonics in Integrated systems.

Read the scientific description of the project