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Raman HybriScan Microscopes (HSCMM)

Here we illustrate the capability of the HSCMM to make 3-dimensional Raman images
of hyperspectral datasets obtained from a polished rock sample with unknown composition.

A 3-dimensional Raman hyperspectral image was measured that consisted of 7700 spectra
with an exposure time of 50 ms per spectrum with 20 mW laser power and a laser excitation
wavelength of 785 nm. The animation of the Raman image shows the 3-dimensional distribution
of the minerals Quartz, Hematite and Andradite. The brightness of the colors compares
the amount of that mineral on that location with other locations.


Have a closer look at the workflow of a HybriScan Raman Microscope (HSCMM)
equipped with 3D imaging and integrated to a JSM IT300


HybriScan Raman Microscope

- Enables correlated analysis of Electron Microscope image and Raman spectroscopy of objects.Hybriscan-28
- HSCMM can be integrated with SEM/ Double Beam Electron Microscope/ Focused Ion Beam Electron Microscope. The integration is achieved with HybriScan’s reflective light optical microscope. 
Employs laser illumination of the sample and collect the Raman scattered light with a custom built HybriScan microscope objective.
HSCMM enables integration as a common add-on modules to an Electron Microscope. It can be integrated working together with an EDX module and/or a cryogenic module.
Extends the “fingerprint” spectrum to the “hydrocarbon vibrations” with an extra Raman excitation laser.

USP Raman HybriScan Microscopes

 - Correlation between morphology and chemical properties;
    Raman provides detailed structural and chemical information 
 - No optical re-alignment
 - Fast spectrometer: Custom Optics, best in market Detector
 - Direct coupling with SEM and also works as ‘Stand-alone  Raman’
 - Point measurements & 2D/3D- Raman mapping
 - Low maintenance system
 - Seamless integration with EM of different brands
 - Automated calibration routines


Inquire with HybriScan Technologies to discuss
integration with a user-owned electron microscope 

Read more about the specifications HSCMM