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New opportunities in sample analysis by integrated Raman-FIB-SEM

Dutch scientists from MIRA Institute and MESA+ Institute (both University of Twente) have presented an integrated confocal Raman microscope in a FIB - SEM. They have been using an optical Raman microscope from HybriScan Technologies, that is specifically designed for integration in the SEM vacuum chamber.

In their study they demonstrate new opportunities in sample analysis of very different samples in materials and biological sciences, like crystals en graphene. "This study underlines the innovative nature of the HybriScan optical Raman microscope and its importance in Materials and Life Sciences", states Loretta van Kollenburg, CEO HybriScan Technologies.

The researchers have published their findings on Imaging & Microscopy (I&M), that provides a platform of excellence for product and service presentations addressed to users and decision-makers in industrial and academic research.
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